Nokia XL 4G upgrade evaluation Andro swan song

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On November 13, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers

Nokia’s Nokia XL Andro was released in Barcelona, Spain this February, and the phone was officially listed, but it was a sad news that Microsoft was about to give up on Nokia’s Android business soon after it was sold. Not long ago, the Nokia XL4G upgraded version was officially released, and it was of great significance as it was the last Android phone to be launched by Nokia. Compared to the Nokia XL, it replaced the processor, raised RAM, improved hardware configuration, and added support for the LTE network. Now the phone has come to the Zhongguancun Mobile phone division, the following brings its evaluation.

Nokia XL 4G upgrade evaluation Andro swan song

Nokia XL 4G upgrade evaluation Andro swan song

Nokia XL4G Upgraded version of the overall design with Nokia XL almost consistent, block fuselage + bottom of a return button design with the Nokia Asha series is indeed a bit of a likeness. 141.3*77.7*10.8mm’s fuselage size is exactly the same as Nokia XL, but the fuselage weighs 32 grams lighter, and the fuselage edges are more pronounced.
Nokia XL4G Upgraded version of the screen size is still maintained 5 inches, the resolution is also $number, indeed low some, and the screen is hair.
On the screen above the classic Nokia brand logo is very eye-catching, the right side is a 2 million-pixel front camera, or very conscience parameters, and then to the right is the logo of China Mobile 4G. Below the screen, just like the Nokia Asha phone, there is only one virtual return key. Although there is no menu key, but from the bottom of the screen is able to pull out a menu, it is also convenient.

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