Nokia X6 Official release: cost-effective reverse day

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On June 21, 2018 by Nokia Wallpapers

May 16 2:30 P.M., HMD in Beijing officially released Nokia new X series products Nokia X6.

Nokia X6 Official release: cost-effective reverse day

Nokia X6 Official release: cost-effective reverse day

As a fast-growing, 16-month-old global 70 million sales of manufacturers, can target China to create a new category line, can see its strategic and resource trends are increasing the strength of the domestic market. As the protagonist of this Conference, Nokia X6 in the design of a very good, worthy of the new series The identity of the first works. It is inspired by the bright and pure stars of Finland and the soft, graceful aurora. The use of double-sided 2.5D glass fuselage, the overall glass coverage of up to 95%. 5.8-inch Ultra-HD wide view of the overall screen, 19:9 ratio, a wider view of the play more fun. In addition to the use of large comprehensive screen at the same time, Nokia X6 fuselage more compact, the overall fuselage length of only 147mm.
In addition to the Android 8.1 gesture operation, single grip mode and multi-task split-screen processing function, the perfect match for Chinese consumers on the large-screen mobile phone use of the single hand demand. On the photo side, Nokia X6 with a 16 million-pixel, highly sensitive field of depth, while taking a photo and focusing first. Plus HDR and front 16 million pixel AI beauty camera, will be integrated into the artificial intelligence, and bring 3D portrait playing light, professional virtual, such as landscape photography film studio-level shooting function, I believe that the Nokia X6 in the picture of the strength of the rally.
In addition, the characteristics of the AI Dual Vision mode can also support Pre-and beauty and first photo-focus. Hardware configuration, Nokia X6 equipped with Gaotong Dragon 636 processor, fast and stable performance, processing speed up 40%, system operation and graphics processing capabilities have been leapfrog upgrade. Endurance of the same leapfrog lasting, can be multiple programs throughout the day online.
In addition, Nokia X6 support 18W QC 3.0 standard fast charge, only 30 minutes to charge 50%. In addition to the above highlights, Nokia X6 still support the original pure Android system, with the latest Android 8.1, the future will be the first time to upgrade to Android P. Monthly security updates to allow users to experience greener security. supplemented by game/application-free mode, the application of dual-open depth localization customization features, so that the user experience more comfortable and natural.

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