Sideslip Full touch screen handset nokia N97

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On October 5, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers

Nokia N97 uses a full touch screen + sideslip qwerty keyboard design in the form of $number 2×55 3×15.9 mm fuselage measurements makes the machine have a large title, while the fuselage weight also reached 150 grams. With a 3.5-inch $number pixel TFT display, 5 million pixels, the fuselage also includes 3.5 mm headphone interface, dual speakers, but the sound quality of the song is normal.

Sideslip Full touch screen handset nokia N97

Sideslip Full touch screen handset nokia N97

In the area of photography, Nokia N97 uses a 5 million-pixel Zeiss division certified lens, built-in dual LED flash, support digital zoom and autofocus, can shoot the largest 2594×1944 pixel photos, there are many shooting options, imaging quality outstanding. In addition the FM radio and 3.5 millimeter standard headphone connectors are also available. Built-in video player supports a wide range of horizontal full-screen playback, with large screen, watching the effect of a shocking force.
Nokia N97 uses a sideslip-style QWERTY keyboard styling, the machine is also the biggest feature, push the slider, can see three row type Q keyboard design, navigation buttons placed on the left of the Q keyboard, convenient with the Q-keyboard operation, the fuselage measurements volume only for $number. 2×55.3×15.9 mm, weighing 150 grams , the screen uses a 3.5-inch $number pixel large resistive touch screen, showing satisfactory results.

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