Rotate the camera phone randomly NOKIA N93i

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On October 17, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers

NOKIA N93i is known by its mobile phone players with its cool, hundred-variable profile and a real Zeiss lens. Nokia N93i has a very personalized avantgarde design, the use of a beautiful fashion mirror clamshell design, but also used a dual hinge hinge, mobile phone can flip into a DV grip, very avantgarde, its unique photography, photography experience by consumers.

Rotate the camera phone randomly NOKIA N93i

Rotate the camera phone randomly NOKIA N93i

NOKIA N93i adopted the Symbian9 1, SERIES60 3rd version of the system platform, the fuselage built about 50M dynamic storage space, and can be extended through the MINISD card to the maximum 2GB capacity. The fuselage brings Realoneplayer player, support MP3, AAC, aac+. e-aac+, WMA, WAV, MP4, 3GP and other format file playback. Data transmission, N93i is equipped with infrared, Bluetooth, USB cable, WiFi four ways. In addition, Nokia N93i is a 3G mobile phone, supporting WCDMA network.
Nokia N93i fuselage using a full mirror shiny fuselage design, and the whole machine is a very personalized clamshell style. Mobile phone can also be free to flip, using a dual hinge hinge-connected design, so that users can use it as a DV. Its configuration is also a good performance, mobile phone built-in 3.2 million like Sokarzei camera, support 3 times times optical zoom, imaging effect is very superior. At the same time there is the mainstream 240×320 resolution 2.4-inch screen, Nokia N93i has a unique appearance, so that the whole machine has become simple but without losing the atmosphere, exquisite display effect is very satisfactory.

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