Nokia 9 will be released at the end of the year and a new mystery machine

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On November 8, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers

November 8, 2017 news, prior to HMD’s new machine TA-1054 and TA-1042 has been the radio launch model approval, but the true identity has been divergent views. And now according to the Netizen in post, said, TA-1054 is likely to be legendary Nokia 9, but also Nokia 9 plus in the future launch. While TA-1042 may be Nokia 7 Pro, it seems to imply that Nokia will have at least three new machines to meet with us in the future, although it will not disclose more information than what the upgrade of Nokia 7 would bring.

Nokia 9 will be released at the end of the year and a new mystery machine

Nokia 9 will be released at the end of the year and a new mystery machine

Previously HMD’s model for TA-1054 ‘s new machine has been approved on September 26, and has a full netcom function, but the real identity of the aircraft Nokia 9 or large-screen version of Nokia 82 kinds of speculation. Now, according to the Netizen in the post, the TA-1054 is likely to be the legendary Nokia 9, and will use a hyperbolic screen design.
Not only that, there are insiders also paste out the news that A1 ‘s initial order seems to produce 170,000, and A1 Plus is already on the road. Although the so-called A1 name is strange, but it is said to be the Nokia 9 code, which means that if this is true, then in the future Nokia 9 may have two new machines to meet with us.
In the past, the Nokia 9 front panel spy photos, the new machine is still 16:9 of the display, and the use of a two-surface design, size of 5.5 inches, will support 2K resolution and coverage of the gorilla Five Dynasties protective glass. At the same time will also have the IP68 level waterproof function, and use the posterior fingerprint unlock.
However, Nokia 9 is not too much of an upgrade compared to the core hardware configuration of Nokia 8. The same is the snapdragon 835 processor, it is possible to start 6GB memory, with 64GB/128GB storage space, will still carry 13 million-megapixel dual-camera. In terms of the timing of the release, it is reported that it will be released on December 19 but remains to be confirmed in terms of authenticity. But if the so-called A1 has already begun production and the initial order reaches 170,000, there is still a chance that it will be available in late December.
It is worth mentioning that Nokia 9 will not only have a plus version of the launch, and already in the domestic sale Nokia 7 will now have a Nokia 7 Pro such an upgrade of the news, while the specific model is previously received the radio transmission model approval and 3C certification of TA-1042, also has the full netcom function.

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