The pinnacle of the work! Nokia 9: Liu Hai + Five, Yan value does not lose iphonex!

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On March 14, 2018 by Nokia Wallpapers

Nokia’s return to the launch of a series of smartphones carrying Android systems has attracted widespread consumer attention. In the first half of this year, Nokia is a frequent force, the introduction of a variety of mobile phone products, including 8810 and received the recognition of the market, the situation is good, Nokia executives even put words, 3-5 years back to the peak.
But even if the Nokia light seems to be missing something, it is not hard to find that Nokia’s overall strength, though strong, lacks a flagship model to help Nokia get into the first echelon. However, we do not worry, the recent Nokia Network A new machine, the phone is actually very early exposure to light, many people think this phone is a strengthened version of Nokia 8. In fact, the phone is not only the appearance of the previous Nokia models are very different, and the material is also more exquisite, and this phone is the famous Nokia 9.

The pinnacle of the work! Nokia 9: Liu Hai + Five, Yan value does not lose iphonex!

The pinnacle of the work! Nokia 9: Liu Hai + Five, Yan value does not lose iphonex!

In terms of appearance, Nokia 9 not only uses the very resistant titanium material and in order to ensure the feel also added ceramic materials, so this new Nokia machine feel very sophisticated and even accidentally dropped on the ground will not be a big problem is very consistent with the Nokia style.
The biggest feature of this mobile phone is the use of similar to the Apple-shaped comprehensive screen design, lighting screen after the Nokia 9 very high screen accounted for the user will be very shocked by the visual impact. Plus after a number of steps to burnish the border and simple beautiful back, Nokia 9 Yan value is almost iphonex.
In terms of performance, Nokia 9 is the pinnacle of Nokia, with the most surface of Qualcomm 845 processors, the memory is up to 8GB, as well as 128GB of internal storage space. The most shocking thing is that Nokia 9 also uses 5 camera lenses, not only the number of lenses and the quality of photography by the Zeiss camera is also commendable, can be said to be a full performance monster.

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