Unique slide back NOKIA 8910i

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On October 3, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers

NOKIA 8910i appearance and function are all pretty and intelligent, expose the cutting-edge technology of honor; the shock of titanium metal shell, highlight your impressive style. To dream of compact design, embodies the Supreme Identity, personal taste of interpretation to It’s perfection itself. We will uphold the people-oriented design concept, bring the NOKIA 8910i cutting-edge technology masterpiece for you, which also contains the thinking of countless human needs, love the mobile phone friends may wish to look at.

Unique slide back NOKIA 8910i

Unique slide back NOKIA 8910i

NOKIA 8910i shell is made of titanium metal building, the sturdy shell in ensuring the handle at the same time, also makes the anti fall more outstanding, with the Milky Way titanium titanium black two colors, it weighs only 112 grams, the whole size of 103x46x20, holding sense is very good, the screen uses STN color screen configuration, resolution of 96×65 pixels the built-in Pinyin input method, the river stroke input method, can perfectly meet the user’s daily needs.
NOKIA 8910i also has a variety of functions, to support the game, Java and Bluetooth communication, equipped with infrared interface, audio tone mode, the user can download all kinds of mobile phone as a ring tone, the phone capacity up to 500, call records can display 20 received telephone and 10 had +10 not pick up the phone, back the removable lithium battery, the capacity is 750mAh, the unique sliding body design, with exquisite chrome button, a different experience for the user, interested friends may wish to contact the merchant.

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