NOKIA 8 will soon be listed, there is another?

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On September 30, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers
NOKIA 8 will soon be listed, there is another?

NOKIA 8 will soon be listed, there is another?

Speaking of NOKIA, it has a pivotal position in the long history of mobile phones. But in the smartphone wave in NOKIA failed to lead again, not only by the younger generation beyond, finally only out of the market. The passage of time, NOKIA finally return, also brought us the first Android mobile phone NOKIA 6. Although the appearance keeps up with the trend, but the disposition aspect actually has some “behind the times””.
Subsequently, NOKIA’s flagship mobile phone, NOKIA 8 has finally been released, in the configuration of the short board, NOKIA 8 can be said to make a lot of Connaught powder found the feeling of the year. This mobile phone is now on sale in individual countries.
However, there are two mobile phones certified, models TA-1042 and TA-1041, and all support fast charge. In addition to overseas release of 4+64GB storage version, the domestic listing of more 6+128GB storage version, from the configuration point of view, more people love. Configuration, the NOKIA 8 is equipped with a 5.3 inches 2K resolution IPS screen, dual f/2.0 aperture 13 million pixels Carle Zeiss lens, equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor, with a 3090mAh capacity battery, support QuickCharge3.0 fast charging.
The big batteries, the Universiade, the Xiaolong 835, and the Zeiss Carle lens, we seem to want it all. This time, NOKIA has met all our expectations in terms of configuration. Have fans been ready to start one?

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