Nokia 7 Plus Cai is the true bosom of the broken

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On March 14, 2018 by Nokia Wallpapers

On MWC2018 Nokia unveiled a new generation of smartphone Nokia 7Plus, this mobile phone positioning in the high-end market, not only with feelings, but also with a full of sincerity, released at the beginning, was a lot of netizens called “the most worthy to buy Nokia smartphones”, that this mobile phone, in the end what is worth buying the bright spot? Let’s look at this issue of she used new machine.

Nokia 7 Plus Cai is the true bosom of the broken

Nokia 7 Plus Cai is the true bosom of the broken

Full screen is undoubtedly the hottest key word in mobile phone market nowadays. The Nokia 7Plus is equipped with a 6.0-inch Fhd+18:9 proportional LCD display that supports 1:1500 High contrast and 96%NTSC gamut, with an enlarged field of vision of 12.5% and a screen account of 77.56% compared with the traditional 5.5-inch handsets.
In addition to the full screen, Nokia 7Plus this time using a metal body fuselage, but outside the metal fuselage with a layer of ceramic touch coating, enhance the feel of the same time and enhance the sense of fashion. The fuselage has black and white color matching, the former suitable for tough, business-type men, the latter can be favored by Nokia’s female users to provide a choice.
In the past, Nokia midrange Android used Xiao 630 and earlier processors, this time the Nokia 7Plus has a new generation of “God U” Gaotong 660 mobile platform, supplemented by 4GB/6GB storage, plus 64GB store, and support microSD card expansion, sincerity is full.
In terms of processor and memory, the Xiao 660 mobile platform is the standard for high-end models, 6GB memory for Nokia 7Plus, only less than 8.9% of the model.
Before the Nokia 7Plus release, only the flagship Nokia 8 adopted a rear dual camera, but the Nokia 8 did not launch a national version of China, have to say is a pity. This time the Nokia 7Plus not only uses the classic Nokia good partner Zeiss lens, but also uses the rear double photography Zeiss + Caisian, the combination which is expected to be in the photograph handset domain to circle a big fan.
From the statistics, the current Chinese mobile phone market using a combination of three camera models accounted for 14.1% of the proportion of Nokia 7Plus front 16 million, after the combination of 13 million + 12 million, in three cameras at a high level of mobile phones.
Nokia 7Plus Rear Double Zeiss lenses feature a wide-angle + telephoto approach, which supports double check cokes; In addition, the classic dashboard design is also the Nokia 7Plus lens highlights.
Nokia 7Plus built-in 3800mAh high-capacity battery, not only higher than the previous Nokia models, in the entire market, higher than the city sales of more than 80% of mobile phones. In addition, with Nokia 7Plus concise power-saving Android8.0 system, the duration of the guarantee, while the machine also supports intelligent fast charging.
From the survey data, users of the Nokia 7Plus hardware configuration evaluation is high, up to 94.41% of users can accept their configuration, 53.83% of the users think it is configured reasonably, in line with psychological expectations. Also noteworthy is that 12.3% and 6.15% of the users believe that the Nokia 7Plus hardware configuration is high/high, slightly above/beyond the psychological expectations. Overall, Nokia 7Plus hardware configuration has captured a large part of the user’s heart.

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