Nokia 7 Plus Evaluation: Three Zeiss Lenses “full” attack

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On March 21, 2018 by Nokia Wallpapers

Due to the frustrations of recent years, Nokia 2017 in the mobile phone business is not a “high-profile”, whether the beginning of the Nokia 6 or the end of the Nokia 7, there is no wind to be equipped with the 2017 mobile phone circle Popular comprehensive screen design elements, which also make a lot of Connaught powder feel regret.
Finally, the 2018 Lunar New Year has just passed, on the MWC Nokia has brought us a long-awaited “New Year Gift”-equipped with a comprehensive screen Nokia 7 Plus.

Nokia 7 Plus Evaluation: Three Zeiss Lenses "full" attack

Nokia 7 Plus Evaluation: Three Zeiss Lenses “full” attack

Compared with Nokia 7, the Nokia 7 plus has not only a qualitative leap in design, but also a significant increase in performance, with the processor Xiao 630 upgraded to Xiao Dragon 660.
In general, Nokia 7 Plus has a similar design language as Nokia 7, either the “Nokia” logo in the upper-right corner of the fuselage or the camera layout behind the fuselage, with Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 7 in the same vein.
But with a closer look, the Nokia 7 plus phase is significantly more advanced than the Nokia 7.
The first is the front of the fuselage, with Nokia 7 plus carrying a full screen of 6-inch fhd+18:9, compared to the traditional 5.5-inch handset, Nokia’s 7 plus vision has widened 12.5%, whether it’s gaming or video, and the Nokia 7 plus full screen offers a more immersive experience.
On the screen, the Nokia 7 plus carries a 6-inch 18:9 LCD full screen with a resolution of 1080P.
Nokia 7 plus systems for Android 8.0, in contrast to the drastic customization of domestic manufacturers, the Nokia 7 Plus system is almost native, with only micro-letter, micro-blogging, Alipay three national applications, and all three software can be unloaded to the maximum extent to ensure the simplicity of the system.
With a full screen, the Nokia 7 Plus has been customized–it can control the phone with gestures. At the same time, Nokia 7 Plus also supports the use of dual-open, hand-lit screen, double click wake-up, such as the originality of small features.
The photo shoot is the biggest bright spot of the Nokia 7 plus-the introduction of three Zeiss lenses. The rear lens is a wide-angle + telephoto dual-camera combination, with a wide-angle lens of 12 million pixels and an aperture of f/1.75. The telephoto lens is 13 million pixels and the aperture is f/2.6.
The front lens is 16 million pixel, Aperture is f/2.0, supports four pixel in the same technology, under the dark Light, automatically synthesizes 2.0 micron Ultra large pixel.
The Nokia 7 plus uses the Gaotong 660 mobile platform, the Gaotong Dragon 660 frequency is 2.2ghz+1.8ghz, and uses eight nuclear design. 660 mobile platform with high proficiency in the 14nm eight core design, the chip area will become smaller. 14NM technology compared to the Xiao 653 28nm allows CPU performance to improve the 20%,adreno512 GPU than the previous generation of 510 upgrade 30%.
Nokia 7 Plus employs 3800mAh of high-capacity batteries, which are the largest in the same-size products.

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