Nokia 7 Plus experience: with a full screen and Cai, Nokia can finally throw away the “feelings” of the label

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On March 19, 2018 by Nokia Wallpapers

Since the release of the first functional machine in December 2016, Nokia 150, in just 1.5 less than the time, Nokia mobile phone brand holders HMD released more than 15 mobile phones, which listed in China, we may be more familiar with the models have Nokia 6, Nokia 7, duplicate version of Nokia 3310, new Nokia 6.

Nokia 7 Plus experience: with a full screen and Cai, Nokia can finally throw away the "feelings" of the label

Nokia 7 Plus experience: with a full screen and Cai, Nokia can finally throw away the “feelings” of the label

As a science and technology editor, I have witnessed the HMD of the Nokia mobile phone brand in the product, marketing and other aspects from green gradually to mature process.
However, as a heavy mobile phone users, although I think the Nokia 7 white version, new Nokia 6 and other products have bright spots, but I have not found a way I would like to use it as a main machine for the HMD mobile phone, until Nokia 7 plus.
Nokia 7 Plus uses a 6-inch 18:9″Full Screen”,fhd+ (2160×1080) resolution, IPS LCD material, the display effect in 2000 products, nothing to pick, the screen surface covered with a 2.5 D-polished Corning gorilla third-generation glass.
On the control of the width of the 4 borders around the screen, the Nokia 7 plus does not perform well, much better than the “bottom line” product of Pixel 2 XL, slightly inferior to nut Pro 2 in the same price file.
The most distinctive aspect of the Nokia 7 plus appearance is its rear cover.
Nokia 7 Plus is a common in-box and back cover integrated metal design, metal material is the mainstream of the 6000-series aluminum alloy, but on this basis, Nokia 7 plus did two less “mainstream” processing.
In the box section, HMD a copper-colored border with a width of 2.75 mm for Nokia 7 plus. The bold design is different for each person, but it greatly improves the visibility of the Nokia 7 plus appearance, making it easy to identify it in a uniform 6-inch all-metal full screen handset, while Nokia 7 plus this “Black + Copper “color style also and the previous listing of the second generation of Nokia 6 to maintain the same, HMD seems to be interested in this color to create a Nokia smartphone logo style.
In addition, the Nokia 7 plus rear cover is a different black part of the process.
Unlike the sandblasting or drawing process used by most all-metal handsets, the Nokia 7 plus surface is coated with a thicker coating, HMD officially called ” Ceramic sense coating “but the real machine gives me the feeling is more like the ThinkPad in the high-end model of the top cover on the skin coating, feel very moist, the disadvantage is compared to sandblasting or brushed metal to more easily absorb oil.
In the back of the Nokia 7 plus fuselage, you can also see the rear fingerprint, the “zeiss” of the double camera, Flash, the feeling full of Nokia logo and other conventional elements, double and back fingerprint on the same use of copper-colored trimming as decoration.
To be a bit of a fault, the Nokia 7 plus look has some controversy over the camera.
Although the 7.99 mm thickness is not so thin, however, in the copper-colored border and the back cover around the edge of the arc, Nokia 7 plus on the visual does not appear to be heavy, but its camera part of the highlight is indeed a bit obvious, the visual at least 1.5 mm, how many affected the point of view.
The good news, though, is that the Nokia 7 Plus, the “convex” camera, does have something real.
Before Nokia 7 Plus, HMD has launched two Zeiss certified lenses of mobile phones, respectively, Nokia 8 and Nokia 7, of which Nokia 8 has not been listed in the country, and from Nokia 7 performance, although its camera performance than positioning lower Nokia 6 Strong, But in the same price file products are not prominent, but the Nokia 7 Plus, the situation has changed greatly.
On the hardware side, the Nokia 7 plus rear main camera is 12 million pixels, supporting full pixel focus and lens aperture f/1.75. From the parameters, this CMOS and Sony IMX362 or Samsung 2L7 is the same, the specification is high.
In addition, Nokia 7 Plus has an additional pair of camera, 13 million pixel, f/2.6 aperture, single pixel size of 1.0 microns, used to achieve twice times focal length and portrait virtualization function.
On the hardware configuration, Nokia 7 plus uses the mainstream Xiao Dragon 660 platform, 64GB storage capacity, running memory with 4GB and 6GB two optional. It is worth mentioning is the life, the Nokia 7 plus battery capacity reached 3800 ma, in the Xiao 660 models are very rare, even if you are a mobile phone heavy users, insist on a day is not a problem.

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