Zeiss Lens plus Nokia 7 first batch of photos

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On October 23, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers

Two days ago, Nokia’s 7 debut in China, no doubt the camera is the main feature of the device. Before, we have introduced its unique dual-vision shooting function, that is, to open both front and rear cameras, so that the photographer and the person in the shot at the same time. Another big selling point of the machine is to carry Zeiss certified lens, the main camera is 16 million pixels, F/1.8 Big Aperture, this is the Chinese market the first Zeiss certified mobile phone, its quality should be said to be very expected, the foreign media now won the Nokia 7 early Pat still Zhang, let’s look at:

Zeiss Lens plus Nokia 7 first batch of photos

Zeiss Lens plus Nokia 7 first batch of photos

Configuration, Nokia uses 5.2-inch LCD ips Full HD screen, gorilla three generations of glass cover, carrying snapdragon 630 processor, after the 16 million pixel Zeiss certified camera, the front 5 million pixels 1.4μm large pixel wide-angle camera, support fingerprint identification, NFC and other popular features, 18W fast charge.

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