Nokia 7 Preliminary didn’t expect you to be a cell phone

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On October 21, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers

After Nokia became a member of HMD, it began to plough through the Android sector and had previously launched its first generation of Nokia 6. Today, Nokia released one of the “second generation” representative models in China, Nokia 7.

Nokia 7 Preliminary didn't expect you to be a cell phone

Nokia 7 Preliminary didn’t expect you to be a cell phone

Remember that Nokia 6 was born at the time of the problems that caused its immediate deep controversy in the whirlpool, while the Nokia 7 has improved a lot. It seems that Nokia in HMD’s hands has been more adapted to the new Chinese market environment than when it first returned.
Black and white double evil spirit
Nokia 7 is HMD’s Nokia Android first flagship design model, built on the fuselage is very elegant, the fuselage has two color versions of black and white, the overall fuselage using diamond cutting technology, with 7000 series aluminum alloy frame and 3D curved glass. The 5.2-inch screen makes it look very small and portable, with one hand operating easily.
Although only black, white two version, but the two version of the process is very good, compared with Nokia 6 times progress too much, the black version of Nokia 7 for two-sided Corning Gorilla Glass, feel very moist, of course, this also avoids the problem of fingerprints.
and its white version (which Nokia calls “warm and white”) is slightly different from the black version, the process is said to be more complex, with 36 more hours of polishing on the back cover than the black version, in fact the hands are so good that Nokia’s top brass is constantly stressing “like a child’s skin” in the press conference. After the start of the touch to confirm that it is not empty, the author’s ears have repeatedly heard other media praise “white good.”
Nokia 7 is pushing close to native Android’s system experience, currently the Android7 1 version, which is said to be upgraded quickly to ANDROID8.0.
Nokia 7 ‘s system is indeed very concise, it is difficult for the current phase of Nokia to create a software ecosystem of its own, so close to the original seems to be the most sensible approach.

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