Nokia 7 Sentiment is still a double view of the new social experience

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On October 21, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers

Nokia released Nokia 6 in the first half of this year then silently hidden in the peer of the machine sea, even though a few of the “small board brick”, but the feelings of the practical, these have Nordic blood work fine little guy, in most people’s minds, is only for the recovery of childhood memories of “collectibles.” When we suspect that the card will still be able to continue to play, Nokia finally United HMD back to stand, with October 19 brought Nokia 7.

Nokia 7 Sentiment is still a double view of the new social experience

Nokia 7 Sentiment is still a double view of the new social experience

At the start of the launch, Nokia’s design team leader set the tone for Nokia 7: Nokia is the first design-led machine on Android phones.
In addition to the black version, Nokia 7 has also brought us a long-lost white version, which is a belated benefit for white control. After all, in the 17, the white version of the machine is very few. Reference to the white version of the possible quality control issues, coupled with the progress of the Nokia 7 in the process and the desire for perfection, I believe this is full of sincerity in the value of the Yan, will receive the Connaught powder and more consumers love.
The photo experience should be one of Nokia 7 ‘s biggest highlights. Dual-vision photography can open both front and rear cameras simultaneously, so that the photographer and the photographed at the same time in the lens, this new experience, in the tourism, childcare, social, live, and other scenes have a lot of imagination to dig deep. Dual-Vision Photography is a new experience that opens up the story record.
It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the soft and hard combination of the optimization, Nokia 7 in the hardware quality also has unexpected sincerity. First, Nokia 7 is Nokia in the Chinese market, the first Zeiss certified machine, its lens quality is self-evident.
The fuselage is the opposite of Corning’s third-generation glass panel, regardless of the feeling or perception are superior. Equipped with Gaotong 630 processor, performance and power consumption both have good performance, 4GB/6GB memory +64GB storage, Android nougat system. And the Android 8.0 upgrade is pushing, officials say it will soon come.

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