Nokia 7 White version officially open for sale

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On January 16, 2018 by Nokia Wallpapers

The feelings of the giant Nokia after the trough, and finally hand HMD back to the market, launched a number of mobile phones with Android system. Nokia 6 recently launched the Nokia 7, the mobile phone in the configuration has been strengthened, but also equipped with the Zeiss Division certification lens. The old partner is gathering again, the fans see is the tears DC.

Nokia 7 White version officially open for sale

Nokia 7 White version officially open for sale

Nokia 7 The overall appearance and 6 in line with the 7000 series of aluminum alloy. In terms of configuration, Nokia 7 is equipped with the Gaotong 6,308 core processor, with a Zeiss certified lens, Dual vision photography technology, and Nokia Ozo audio technology.
Nokia this time not only United old Buddy Zeiss, but also added a dual-vision camera mode. Both the front and rear cameras can be started at the same time, recording all the wonderful times between you and your friends. At present, the white version of Nokia 7 has opened pre-sale, like Friends may wish to pay attention to Oh!

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