Nokia 7 Detailed evaluation: actually better than expected

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On November 17, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers

Nokia’s 7 has temporarily stirred up the market’s burden before the company’s 8 domestic market. snapdragon 630 and 2499 starting price, doomed it is more easily than their own big brother of the product. In the eyes of most people, Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 are the official return. But in the eyes of many players, this is only a HMD of the faith. Which Way is right? Now let’s take a look at the real Nokia 7.

Nokia 7 Detailed evaluation: actually better than expected

Nokia 7 Detailed evaluation: actually better than expected

Configuration, snapdragon 630+5.2 inch ips screen +1600w pixel sensor +f1.8 aperture Zeiss lens, 3000mAh Battery, provides 4/6g memory +64g storage, priced at $2499/2699 respectively.
Positive founder, 2.5D Glass radian is small, a familiar Nokia flavor. Although the chin is long, but did not do touch button, slightly pity.
Back 3D Glass is very textured, towering behind the camera has a bright surface radian, the overall value is very good for the author’s taste. Camera has ZEISS certification, CMOS Samsung S5K2P7SX, specifications and Sony IMX258 consistent, 12 million pixels, unit pixel 1.12μm, aperture F1.8, no optical stabilization.
The top antenna groove is fused with the 3.5mm headphone interface, and the bottom is a dual-hole speaker, Type C interface, and main microphone. The metal frame is very thick, the speaker and interface openings are very deep, this abhisit texture is very “Nokia”.
Left SIM slot, right volume and power button, double Nano-sim card slot can be plugged into dual sim or NANO-SIM+TF card.
5.2 Inch “small screen”, border control is good, with radians in the metal frame, holding a good handshake feeling. The back of the metal frame is slightly taller than the glass. Fingerprint identification needs about 10 times the press, the input process has a very intimate press area hint, recognition speed is good, but after detection of fingerprints, enter the system slightly slower, the overall speed is fine. The fingerprint identification button is slightly lower for the male user, the groove is shallow, need to adapt the time.
Nokia 7 Using a 5.2-inch IPS screen, measured the highest brightness of 489, uniformity, our testing machine has a certain degree of the upper half screen dark problem, but does not affect the day-to-day use, is always more than part of the JDI screen with twill effect more pleasing. Nokia 7 has no screen mode to choose from, but has eye protection mode.
In close proximity to the daily use of 100, the brightness, color temperature 7294K, contrast 1302:1,104 color average e 3.9, maximum 6.5 (in contrast, the IPhone 7 is 1.6,note5 is 1.8,S6 edge+ is 2.6,S7 Edge is 2.9, is a very mainstream domestic machine IPs screen level, there is no big selling point, there is no slot.
Nokia 7 has a nearly native system, the bottom of the Android 7.1.1, the function is only to add some of the domestic required to restart management functions such as body sense gestures and virtual key control and other advanced functions. However, the current version of fluency is also a small problem, the application of open and switch slightly slow, even if the animation can be closed to feel the delay. Its biggest feature is clean, the system is very lightweight, and its main problem is that the current version does not seem to have a light will bring the speed advantage, the reaction speed remains to be improved.
Nokia 7 is equipped with snapdragon 630, providing 4/6g memory +64g storage several versions. snapdragon 630 for the 14nm LPP process, the CPU part is 8 nuclear 2.2GHz A53 (actual use is 4*2.2+4*1.84), the GPU for Adreno 508, with 1333MHz LPDDR4 memory, is a positioning low-end products.
In the core scheduling aspect, Nokia 7 is very active, the application opens and the heavy load time all can 8 the core fully open, moreover the thermal stability analyzed. Room temperature 26 degrees, 8 nuclear full open baking machine 10 minutes later, only a very short time to reduce frequency, the fuselage is only in the warm and hot, the stability of impeccable. Overall, Nokia 7th often performance enough, game performance contrast 625 has significantly improved, such as the official system response optimization.
The camera part, the Nokia 7 main camera is Samsung’s S5K2P7SX, specs and Sony IMX298 very close, 16 million pixels, unit pixel 1.12μm, aperture F1.8, but no optical stabilization. Front 5 million pixel, 1.4μm+f2.0,84 degree wide angle.
Nokia 7 with 3000mAh Battery, after 30 minutes of large game (NBA 2k15), 30 minutes of WiFi and 4G Internet and 30 minutes of local video playback, a total of 2 hours of endurance test, the remaining power of 81%, The performance is good for a cell phone with only 3000mAh batteries.

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