Photography is not beautiful don’t worry, Nokia 7 latest update Tim “See” Head!

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On November 10, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers

I believe many children’s shoes will complain: why is it not good to take pictures? Clearly used a beautiful figure, also choose the gold angle, but how to shoot all feel no temperament!
Sometimes can not help but sigh the times change too fast, the time to spell mobile phone. Now if the mobile phone does not have a powerful self-portrait function, want to be in a friend lap show self-portraits, published literature and text of the explosion watch is wishful thinking.

Photography is not beautiful don't worry, Nokia 7 latest update Tim "See" Head!

Photography is not beautiful don’t worry, Nokia 7 latest update Tim “See” Head!

Do we have to change the phone if we face the “serious problem” of photographing? No No No As long as you start with Nokia 7, the monthly update will be able to save you!
Nokia 7 itself has a powerful photo function, mobile phone equipped with 5 million-megapixel camera, 1.4um of large pixel area lens and f/2.0 aperture, rear equipped with 16 million megapixel camera and f/1.8 of the super aperture, coupled with professional Zeiss certification lens, make this phone became a ” Photo Artifact “! The dual-view shooting mode is more for the camera function of this mobile phone.
But that’s not all. Recently, Nokia July update, the mobile phone’s photo function has been upgraded: the day to take pictures of the overall quality clearer, night photography to improve the dark light under the image tolerance, reduce the sense of smearing, details restore more.
This update, Nokia 7 also in the network function, the software, the power mode, the system stability and so on, for a new machine, so the renewal of conscience so that people can not help it point praise!
The official said that Nokia 7 will adhere to the monthly update, to bring users the latest system experience. have already started Nokia 7 of Connaught Powder Hearts probably want to blossom?

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