NOKIA 6: because it has higher expectations

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On September 28, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers
NOKIA 6: because it has higher expectations

NOKIA 6: because it has higher expectations

In appearance, NOKIA 6 clearly conforms to the current trend of fashion, but also draw on some of the outstanding design elements. However, NOKIA 6 also made a difference, with a high degree of recognition.
As the return of the first Android mobile phones, NOKIA 6 has only one version, the front panel, frame and back shell are deep black, matte texture is quite good.
The front entity fingerprint key (not press, left and right to retain the return key and multitasking key) is also the industry design trends, not only beautiful, but also more in line with people’s habits. The dark NOKIA mark on the forehead is hidden under the glass, remarkably unobtrusive, and not afraid of wearing.
On the back of the NOKIA flagship models have nano day injection lines, cameras and lights bar there is something in common with the design of Moto and Mate 9, logo is located in the back of the central, hands of a obvious touch.
However, it seems that the integration of various popular elements, NOKIA 6 also has its own style. The design style is different from many manufacturers, NOKIA 6 “excellent singing or polished writing” the whole frame Pingzheng neat, and silver bright side edge. With “beautiful” to describe NOKIA 6 is not appropriate, “handsome” is the correct term.
Overall, the value of NOKIA is still surprising to many people, not as handsome as a thousand machines. NOKIA has 6 Yinxiao dragon 430 has been Tucao, but the design is undoubtedly a lot of points.

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