Full screen touch business machine nokia 5800

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On October 7, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers

Nokia 5800 is a full-screen touch phone positioned in the midrange music market, and Nokia’s first mobile phone to support come with music (2009, first quarter) services. As a flagship business of the mobile phone, Nokia has formally named the 5800 licensed version of the “Black Elite Edition”, interested friends can understand.

Full screen touch business machine nokia 5800

Full screen touch business machine nokia 5800

Nokia 5800 uses the straight touch control design, the whole machine appearance stable atmosphere. The fuselage front is equipped with a 3.2-inch 16 million-color resistive touch screen, the screen resolution reaches 360×640, the display effect is very delicate. The machine is built in 13.2 million like Sokar. Zeiss certified camera, plus LED flash assist, the imaging effect is satisfactory. Nokia 5800 uses Symbian S60 Fifth Edition operating system, can be rich in extended software, supplemented with 434MHz processor and 150MB ROM+128MB RAM, the whole machine runs smoothly. At the same time, the machine is a professional music mobile phone, sound quality ideal, and equipped with a 3.5-millimeter headphone interface, supporting OVI maps, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, WiFi wireless internet and other functions, the overall performance is satisfactory.
In the shape design, Nokia 5800 adopts a straight-bar design, equipped with a 3.2-inch 16 million-color resistive touch screen, resolution of $number pixels, widescreen display effect is very good. And at the bottom of the screen there are only 3 commonly used buttons, the upper right corner of the fuselage is equipped with a videophone camera, the surrounding includes a common data transmission interface, storage expansion slots and 3.5mm standard audio output interface.
Performance, Nokia 5800 uses the SymbianV5 operating system plus s60v5.0 interface, third-party software resources are very rich. And the back of a 320W pixel camera, support autofocus, and configured a double LED light. GPS Global Positioning System, WiFi wireless network function and HSDPA is also available, interested friends can contact with merchants to buy.

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