Nokia: Android virus infection rate Hyper Windows system

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On November 16, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers

According to media reports, Nokia recently launched the netGUARD Security Management Center software, but also issued a “2017 Threat intelligence report.”
The 2017 Threat intelligence report noted that smartphones accounted for 72% of all mobile network infections and that the Android device infection rate reached 69% in 2017.
Nokia says the vast majority of malware is being distributed as a Trojan application in the smartphone sector. Users are tricked, downloaded, and installed applications by phishing, advertising, or other social engineering.
The main reason the Android platform is targeted is that once the side load is enabled, Android apps can be downloaded from anywhere.

Nokia: Android virus infection rate Hyper Windows system

Nokia: Android virus infection rate Hyper Windows system

Nokia said that while Google was trying to prevent malware from entering its user’s cell phone, it could install malware via text messages and e-mail, while the presence of third-party stores played an important role, and these third-party stores in China were more popular than the official app stores.
In addition, Windows devices have a 28% malware infection rate, and iOS and other devices have a 3.54% infection rate.
Nokia also noted that Windows device infection rates eventually shifted to smartphones because it is now becoming the preferred way to access the Internet.
As for the wannacry extortion virus that has infected more than 230,000 computers in 150 countries in May this year.
Nokia said wannacry blackmail could be much more damaging if security personnel had discovered a DNS address that could completely shut down the wannacry effect. This DNS address effectively shuts down malicious software and blocks the spread of malware.

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