NOKIA 3310 classic reproduction

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On September 29, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers
NOKIA 3310 classic reproduction

NOKIA 3310 classic reproduction

NOKIA 3310 is a hard shell and boasts strong super endurance function of the machine, its unique appearance and exquisite feeling was that many users relish, and the best is the anti fall, hard shell greatly increased its durable time, more navy blue, Arctic silver, desert yellow, grey iceberg snow white, red, blue and transparent volcano and a variety of styles to choose love, friends can look at.
The NOKIA 3310 is launched in 2000 a classic straight mobile phone keyboard, the size is 113x48x22mm, weight 113g, the screen uses monochrome screen, resolution of 84×48 pixels, can replace the use of colorful shell, support voice dialing and Chinese short message can be sent or received, picture information, SMS SMS Chat room, although equipped with a replaceable lithium battery is only 850mAh, but the actual talk time up to 140-255 minutes, standby time is up to 55-245 hours, life is extremely good.
Short message chat special NOKIA 3310 mobile phone, can realize mobile one-on-one chat, you can enjoy the mood transfer through the fingers at the same time, it whenever and wherever possible; memo prompt, stopwatch and timer can provide you with effective time management, make work more rational; and the “Xpress color” (Xpress-on) sure, your personality; dynamic game, new and exciting. Balanced work and leisure, let you show the work to enjoy the style of the times, interested friends can contact the merchant to buy.

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