NOKIA 3310 3G replica released

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On September 29, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers
NOKIA 3310 3G replica released

NOKIA 3310 3G replica released

A lot of people will be curious, before NOKIA has not released this phone yet? In fact, a closer look at the machine’s model name, will find its biggest difference with the previous model is to support the 3G network (also added more color), which is more friendly to users like surfing the internet. Although the speed of 3G network is a little slow, it is still enough in some underdeveloped areas.
NOKIA 3310 3G replica with 2.4 inch QVGA screen, the main camera is 2 million pixels, built-in 1200mAh capacity battery, support FM radio, MP3 player and other functions, running S30 system, while the built-in snake game. According to the official introduction, the aircraft provides up to 6.5 hours of talk time, 27 days of standby time. NOKIA 3310 3G replica will at the same time, more and more countries and regions on sale.

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