Want to rely on the function machine to make a comeback? New Nokia 3310 Experience

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On November 21, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers

Take over Nokia’s HMD very clear 3310 over the years accumulated popularity, so this year’s MWC released a “new” 3310, want to use everyone to 3310 of nostalgia to make a pen, but soon we found 3,310 support 2G, in the 2G band gradually eliminated now, Do not know what to buy, so Nokia at the end of September released the 3G version of the 3310.

Want to rely on the function machine to make a comeback? New Nokia 3310 Experience

Want to rely on the function machine to make a comeback? New Nokia 3310 Experience

Although claiming to be a new generation of 3310, in fact, in addition to a little spindle and outside the screen of a circle of silver box, it and the old 3310 (hereinafter referred to as 3310 OG) is not really so similar. After all, 3310 OG only up, down, confirm, and cancel the key, unlike the next machine is the square type of four direction key and the middle of the confirmation. The switch on the top of the machine is moved to the right of the four-direction key of the late machine, while the bottom charge hole is moved to the top with the headset. It is not so much a tribute to 3310 OG alone as it blends many generations of Nokia lovers with the expectation and imagination of Nokia’s functional handsets.
3310 of the 13.4mm thickness if compared with modern smartphones, is basically plump, but compared with 3310 OG 22mm, completely thin body has been successful. But relative, its length and width are slightly increased than 3310 OG a little bit, only in the mobile phone is getting bigger today, 3310 is absolutely small and exquisite.
Although the fuselage is not big, but 3310 of the plastic shell completely have the old machine of the kind of solid sense and “quality”, although it is a functional mobile phone, but does not give people a cheap feeling. As a test machine we certainly can not be thrown out of the third floor window to try, but compared to the modern smartphone from the table on the ground on the heart to find a half-day, 3310 at least feel the casual drop on the ground should be trivial. The only thing that could be more regrettable is that it did not waterproof by the way, so be careful with this door.
3310 is equipped with a 2.4-inch, $number x 320 resolution panel. In modern standards, it no matter the resolution or angle of view is not what, and is completely without the ability to touch (although not surprising, but still subconsciously to point ah … ), but anyway there is a matching operating system, so it does not constitute operational difficulties, but can clearly see a pixel, it is very unaccustomed.
3310 OG Of course there is no camera, but in this era, can not take photos how to do? So 3310 very intimate built a 2MP small camera, just shot out of the picture quality is basically the same as the network camera. In this way, the camera, it can do a lot of settings: In addition to the LED light switch and timer, but also set up a burst, exposure, contrast, white balance. But the sensor is not, and more software settings are useless ah …
Normally, there is nothing special about a functional cell like 3310–a similar machine that hasn’t stopped being launched in the Microsoft ERA and is active in markets such as India, Africa and South America. But by the famous sound and a little bit of similar elements, 3310 successfully in all parts of the world to raise the language of the topic, and received a lot of holding “anyway so cheap, when the toy to buy is no harm” idea of customers.

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