Entry-level preferred Nokia 2330

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On October 6, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers

Nokia 2330 shape design is relatively refreshing, simple, using a classic straight shape, fuselage size of $number. 9x46x13.8mm, weighing less than 80 grams. The use of a 65536-color, resolution of 128×160 pixel 1.8-inch screen, the size of the fuselage keyboard is large, clear-cut, the operation feel good, like this phone friend may wish to know about.

Entry-level preferred Nokia 2330

Entry-level preferred Nokia 2330

The Nokia 2330 has a FM radio, which makes it easy to spend time alone with the radio-loving consumer. Nokia 2330c also uses a 30W camera and Bluetooth wireless transmission module. Support for audio video shooting, the highest 128×96 resolution (15FPS) video shooting, Nokia 2330 ‘s keyboard smooth and solid, flat rectangular key particles, flat key-button process reasonable, flexible and reasonable button to bring a comfortable handle. The function key uses the common five-D navigation key operation. In addition, at the bottom there is mic port, small charge interface, 2.5mm headphone interface and standard mini USB interface, the operation is very natural.
Nokia 2330 features simple, small and lightweight but basic function perfect, built-in 300,000-megapixel camera, shooting effect is not excellent, but can be achieved through the Bluetooth 2.0 transmission function anytime and anywhere to share images with friends, or through multimedia messaging, or very good. Its use of the classic straight body and metal texture combination, texture is no longer exclusive privileges of the nobility, but everyone should have a taste of life, to meet the desire to have a simple function but without losing the taste of the needs of the people interested in this cell phone may wish to contact with the business.

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