Durable big screen flagship Nokia 1520

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On October 25, 2017 by Nokia Wallpapers

The Nokia 1520 uses the polycarbonate integrated design, added the ultra narrow border design element, the whole machine feel is quite comfortable, the texture is extremely good, the screen resolution achieves the 1920×1080 pixel. Built-in 2.3GHz Gaotong 8,004 nuclear processor and 2GB RAM, with Windows Phone 8 intelligent System, the machine running very smooth, like friends can understand.

Durable big screen flagship Nokia 1520

Durable big screen flagship Nokia 1520

In the aspect of appearance, Lumia 1520 continues the Lumia Series Classic modelling, uses the polycarbonate integrated design, $number 8×85 4×8.7mm size with 209g weight, in the giant screen mobile phone industry is thin. The machine has a total of black, white, yellow, red four colors, of which, the red used a bright surface piano paint, while the other three kinds of color is the use of skin-type surface, feel comfortable and delicate.
In terms of configuration, the Nokia new flagship for the first time using a 6-inch 1080p touch screen, with a pixel density of 367ppi, the Gaotong 800 processor, the performance of the current top level, with 20 million megapixel main camera, and support for “refocusing”, “Storytelle” and other new features.

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