Nokia handset maker HMD aims to be in top five in India

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On March 17, 2018 by Nokia Wallpapers

HMD Global, a Nokia-branded mobile phone and smartphone maker in Finland, will redouble its bets on major markets, including India, by aggressively expanding its market share by investing heavily in retail channel expansion, marketing and new equipment, according to the Economic Times of India reported March 17.

Nokia handset maker HMD aims to be in top five in India

Nokia handset maker HMD aims to be in top five in India

In terms of revenues, India has ranked among the company’s top three markets, if not the first. HMD Global chief Executive Florian Saizy (Florian Seiche) told the Economic Times that the immediate goal is to become one of the country’s top five handset makers by the end of the year.
The key to growth in the company’s market share will be the May Nokia 8110, a 4G feature handset, launched in partnership with a mobile operator.
“4G mobile phones allow people who prefer the traditional phone experience to access the world of data Services.” We think that from the sales point of view, the functional mobile phone field more opportunities. “Secchi said.
HMD Global plans to launch a 4G feature handset in India in May with a telecoms operator, which will have a head-on confrontation with Reliance Industries jiophone. The two companies are targeting 500 million basic mobile phone users who have not yet upgraded to smartphones for reasons of economic power and use.
In addition, starting next month, the company plans to launch its Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 Plus, the new Nokia 6 and Nokia 1 handsets in India.
Ajey Mehta, head of HMD Global’s Indian market, said the company had begun consultations with production partners Foxconn to expand its existing and new smartphone and feature handsets in the country’s Aiger Meta.
In addition, HMD Global is trying to expand its retail channel network by about 10%. Currently, its mobile phone covers 510 distributors and 110,000 stores. “For us, offline channels are a core advantage and it will continue to drive our business growth.” One of our priorities this year is to increase the visibility of the point-of-sale. “Meta points out.
In addition to the offline channel expansion, the company is also working with its online partners to significantly expand its sales channels.
“The online market accounts for about 30%, but it is an important part.” It plays a very important role. If you want to be a first-class manufacturer in India, you have to make a difference in the electric business and online. “said Meta.
Secchi said the company was expanding its product portfolio to cover a wide range of important prices, such as the 100 dollar (about 6500 rupees) market segments. “We think we have a good chance. Moreover, the middle-end or high-end market is another important opportunity we see. “he said.

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