Nokia 10 concept renderings unveiled with 41 million lenses

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On January 17, 2018 by Nokia Wallpapers

Unlike the boom that returned to the Chinese market earlier this year, Nokia now seems to be back in the quiet times, and the market has not been enthusiastic, even if the Nokia 7 new machines were successfully launched in the previous period. It is clear that everyone is waiting for Nokia’s true flagship to appear, perhaps the flagship mobile phone can reflect the king of Nokia’s gas.

Nokia 10 concept renderings unveiled with 41 million lenses

Nokia 10 concept renderings unveiled with 41 million lenses

Now, there are netizens on Weibo on a group of so-called Nokia 10 concept rendering map, although the possibility is very low, but the Connaught powder has been a dry addiction can be. As pictured, Nokia 10 uses the 5.7 2K Samsung screen, although not the current popular comprehensive screen design, but no border design still let the phone’s visual effect reached a shocking level.
Viewed from the side, the Nokia 10 concept machine fuselage is very thin, with black, gray and yellow three color matching, support IP67-level dust-proof, overall style is still very Nokia. It is worth mentioning that the phone behind the big large camera area, with a 41 million pixel lens, let people back to the Nokia 1020 era. In other respects, the machine is equipped with the snapdragon 835 processor, supplemented by 6GB storage and maximum 256GB memory, running the Android o system.
This Nokia 10 flagship, do not know that everyone is not satisfied?

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